I AM Kid's

Bringing yoga to Tulsa School's in 2016
with children's yoga expert Dana Morris

Offering yoga to more kids in Tulsa, OK

Because our future depends on it

The I AM KIDS Tulsa yoga program cuts out the middle man. Schools don't have to worry about funding but will receive the benefits of their students practicing yoga and mindfulness. Integrating a yoga and mindfulness practice in your child's school or daycare addresses the WHOLE child, thus maximizing the academic, social and emotional competence in the classroom.

Benefits of I AM KIDS Tulsa yoga program:

  • Encourages community and connectedness within a classroom and beyond
  • Provides healthy ways to express emotions
  • Eases anxiety, tension and stress
  • Enhances concentration and balance
  • Improves listening skills
  • Increased body awareness
  • Promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle
  • Brings students into the present moment, which is a basic requirement for learning!
  • Support social and emotional learning
  • Encourages self expression and confidence
  • Teaches self regulation and relaxation
  • Improves gross and fine motor skills

I AM Kids Tulsa

I AM KIDS Tulsa: How it all works

Parent Driven Programs in Schools

As a parent YOU have a strong voice in your child's school. Go to the PTA and get other parents on board. A minimum of 10 students to send a teacher to your school. We have before and after school programs available as well as during the school day.

Payment Information

There is a one time enrollment fee of $35 per student and $10 per class. Payments are made online by parents. With enrollment your child will receive an I AM KIDS Tulsa t-shirt and a one year membership in the I AM KIDS Tulsa club, a child led club bringing like minded kids together to make their community a better place. I AM KIDS Tulsa members also receive a discount to the I AM Festival kid zone!

Developed by Experienced Instructor

Dana Morris is a mother of four in Tulsa, OK. Her journey into children's yoga began five years ago when well meaning friends and family suggested her son get on medication for ADD/ADHD before school started. This didn't sit well with her, so she scoured the internet looking for alternatives to help her child succeed in a public school classroom. Children's yoga kept popping up in her search. Unable to find a kids yoga instructor here in Tulsa, Dana flew out to California to get certified herself.

Why We're Bringing Yoga To Schools

While teaching in the studio setting is wonderful, Dana has learned that is also limiting. It only reaches a handful of children. Now, more then ever, the children of our world NEED yoga and meditation. They crave peace. Their little ears pick up on so much and it can be scary. Giving kids the tools to feel peaceful and strong in their bodies is empowering. Children's yoga teaches them to connect with their breath and feel their inner light.

Dana Morris
Director, I AM KIDS Tulsa

In 2011 Dana studied under Shakta Kaur Khalsa, one of the world's leading experts in children's yoga, and completed Radiant Child Yoga's certification. On her return she created Buddhaful Child Yoga and started teaching kids yoga in studios and schools around Tulsa. Since then, she has been certified with Next Generation Yoga, Cosmic Kids Yoga, James Fox's Prison Yoga Project and is a Journey of a Young Woman Mentor. In the winter of 2013, Dana became the children's yoga expert and contributing writer for Upside Down Games, a company in LA committed to helping children grow into healthy, intelligent, socially conscious members of society.

In addition, she is the Kid Zone Coordinator for the I AM Yoga, Music & Art Festival. She is also co-creator of the Hope Yoga Project, a ground breaking clinical research study documenting the effects of yoga with children and teens with PTSD and/or trauma. Dana teaches the after school yoga program at Roy Clark Elementary at Union Public Schools . Unfortunately, the students had to take a semester of yoga off because the funding wasn't there. They will begin again this spring. That is the problem she is continually facing with schools in Tulsa. The money just isn't there. Another issue she faces is the parents who want their children in yoga can't find a children's class at a studio that fits their busy schedules.



Kid’s Yoga Instructor Apprentice/Instructor to begin working in early 2016. Download this job description for more information.  For questions or consideration, contact Dana Morris at