I AM Festival Mission

Founded in 2011, I AM is a Tulsa based organization dedicated to uniting the yoga, art and music community through conscious events with the goal of raising awareness of the light within each human being.

Our creative team pushes the boundaries creating memorable and transformational events and opportunities for expansion and growth both personally and as a community.  We believe that uniting together in our community creates more sustainable change than working apart.  We believe that all humans are the essence of love and we intentionally create experiences where that can be shared with as many as possible.  We know that we are all deeply connected and celebrating that connection reminds of the love that exists between all human beings.  We believe there is a new kind of revolution happening on the planet and we call it a LOVE REVOLUTION.

The idea for I AM was said to be divinely inspired in one of those quiet moments of clarity, using courage and trust to move from a simple idea to actually happening.  I AM is more than a business, it’s more like a tribe, a village, a community.  All I AM events are created in an effort to maintain a benefit to all involved, including the sustainability of our planet.  While many of the I AM events are free and open to everyone, we know that it is not only our responsibility to do our part to reach a hand out to those in the community but an opportunity to experience the love of giving.  As I AM explores the evolution of conscious business, we challenge ourselves to find creative ways to experience financial sustainability and long-term viability.

Creating more opportunities for Tulsans to experience the many benefits and joys of yoga is just one of the goals of I AM.  With the intention of spreading more tolerance for differences while honoring the many paths through life and yoga, we know that more people will come to know the real essence of yoga.  The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “union”, not only the union of the self in body, mind and spirit but also the union of all human beings. 

Many people in many ways have interpreted yoga and we believe there is no one right way to experience yoga.  Just as with many other philosophies and belief systems, the paths may be different but the goal is the same.  Mostly, we understand that humans are seeking to be happy, know peace and experience love.  Knowing that are many paths that lead a person to the destination, we find it valuable to honor all of the paths, uniting together to celebrate differences and diversity instead of focusing on consistency, sameness and conformity.